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Licensing & IP Asset Tax Management
– Our Scope is Your World

Our clients work with us from our offices in Mexico and Hong Kong to implement global licensing strategies. Our relationship with manufacturers, distributors and retailers ensures our clients reap maximum benefits from the licensing strategies implemented worldwide.

Our legal team creates IP strategic asset protection and tax protection with drafting license agreements, representation agreements, piracy and infringement, and other critical issues. We work closely with clients to create IP licensing arrangements to fit the client’s worldwide strategies.

Clients. We provide legal and tax solutions to our clients with IP and Trademarks from auto, aerospace and photographic industries. We provide strategic guidance for clients in order to maximize the benefits of holding IP assets. Our clients understand the importance of IP protection as part of its strategic plan to enter new markets in foreign jurisdictions. Moreover, clients understand the tax value inherent in proper planning of IP assets in tax friendly jurisdictions.


Make sure you register your IP before exporting technology to foreign jurisdictions.

Protection. Every company should consider protecting its IP assets before entering new markets. Protection from counterfeiting is of upmost importance for your bottom line.

In China, the “first-to-file” system trumps the “first-to-use” system. Therefore, your use of your IP and logo is not protected until you file. (See News… Ooops, Telsa Lawyers Made a Multi-Million Dollar Blunder!)

A well-known trademark that’s not registered in foreign jurisdictions still face high hurdles despite being a member of the Paris Convention.

Tax Planning Strategies

Tax planning strategies using IP assets give our clients significant tax savings and greater net income available for investments. We assist clients in efficiently mobilizing IP assets to tax friendly jurisdictions with surgical precision in transfer pricing valuations.