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WINSTONE organization

Our Organization

We welcome the chance to tell you more about what we do and find out how we can help you meet your objectives.

To make arrangements for further communication, kindly make contact via e-mail at info@winstonegroup.com.


Our organization has been providing companies and executives the highest quality in advisory services for nearly 40 years. WINSTONE has allocated the strongest and sharpest minds with a laser sharp focus on expert advisory services to our clients doing business in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Israel.

Our advisors have immense experience working with over 400 companies, executives, and over 16 governments in Asia, North America and South America and the Middle East.

WINSTONE’s collaboration with highly competent partners throughout the world, provide expert advice in complex fiscal transactions. The Firm is dedicated to ensure our clients doing business offshore are in compliance with local and their home regulations. Furthermore, the Firm’s performance of due diligence in Asia and in Latin America is thorough, comprehensive and exceeds all others.

Board Members

President & Chief Executive Officer
Alberto Salazar

In January 2013, Mr. Salazar had been appointed the leader of THE WINSTONE GROUP.

He is a top world-class counselor with specialization in global fiscal issues. Mr. Salazar has been advising governments, corporations, executives, and high net worth individuals with international interests for nearly twenty years.

Mr. Salazar’s extensive experience in international fiscal and compliance issues in conjunction with the extraordinary success in representing clients has made him the most sought after counselor.

He has made himself invaluable, not from sitting behind the desk but by traveling and investigating companies and markets throughout Asia and Latin America for twenty years.

Mr. Salazar is the head of a network of specialists, backed up by teams of lawyers, accountants, trustees and technical and security experts.

Mr. Salazar is a founding member of All Children Triumph (ACT), the Non-Profit Organization that supports orphans in developing a strong and balanced foundation in education, nutrition, and sports.

Mr. Salazar is a yachtsman and on his way to obtain the private pilot license.


Mr. Mitsuru Kubono (1934–2015)

Senior Advisor

Mr. Kubono advises our clients with his extraordinary 40 years of invaluable experience and extensive network in the automobile industry. Mr. Kubono has held a vital executive role with the major Japanese automobile titans since the 1960s. His vast experience in deals with North America, Mexico, Brazil, Asia and Europe makes him the most prominent advisor in the industry.

Mr. Kubono is an expert yachtsman.



Mr. Patrick Carroll

Advisor to the President

Aerospace Industry Specialist

The most prominent expert in the aerospace industry has joined the advisory board in providing crucial and valuable advisory services to our clients.

Mr. Carroll’s experience as the president of AIRBUS JAPAN and director positions at EADS Astrium Japan, BAE Systems PLC, and GEC Marconi Japan makes him the ideal adviser to our clients in the aerospace and other industries keen to enter overseas markets.

He has extensive defense equipment and aviation equipment experience working with the Space Agency JAXA, Japan Defense Agency, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Sumitomo, Marubeni and many more corporations.

Mr. Carroll’s education background is in electronic engineering and nuclear physics. He has earned the FAA Multi-Engine Instrument Commercial Pilot License, FAA Flight Instructor License, and the Japan CAB Multi-Engine Private Pilot License.

Mr. Carroll is an avid yachtsman and an aviator.

Video message of the President

"Act, all children triumph"

All Children Triumph (ACT) is an international children’s charity based in Tokyo Japan. ACT is a registered Non-Profit Organization under Japanese law and is based in Tokyo.

ACT was founded to improve the life chances of orphans by focusing on Education, Nutrition, and Sports programs.